Gary Holland

Junior web developer, philosophy graduate, comedy fan


I'm currently in my first developer position, working on a million-line + .NET Core MVC project. In my spare time I'm usually learning everything I can about front- and back-end JavaScript to build fun and useful web apps. Keep scrolling to see some.


Local Weather App

Local Weather App

Using your location as provided by your browser, this app fetches your local weather from Open Weather Map and displays it. The API response also includes a code for an icon, which is then used as part of a url for an image source, so that it updates to reflect the current weather whenever you click the button.

Random Quote Generator

This app generates random famous quotes from the Forismatic API and allows you to tweet your favourites.

Random Quote Machine
To-do list app

Wikipedia Search

A Wikipedia search engine. It takes your search query and returns the first 10 results from Wikipedia. All the logic for the API calls and DOM-manipulation uses jQuery.


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